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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

One of those days..

Must.. stop.. sneezing..

You know those times where at the time it wasn't funny but when you look back it was? I didn't have one of those.. I had a "omg that was painful" but funny as hell when it happened. Well.. it went like this. I'm sick.. whoopty-do.. I'm always sick.. of something or of it.. so this time my friend from Delaware got hubby sick and he got me sick.. I'm sneezing like crazy.. then today I had a baaaad headache and I crawled .. sorta to bed .. it's like instinct now.. hubby thinks it's funny.. this was not amusing.. Anywho.. he figured with my friggin' fever he should get some Aleve in me to bring that down. Sucker doesn't do anything for my headaches but it does well with fever reduction and general aches and pains. Then.. at the worst possible moment.. while I was drinking water and taking 2 Aleve at the same time.. THIS happened...
Yep.. I sneezed.. not just any sneeze.. one that baptised the bed, my blankets, me and hubby.. it was so explosive I thought my head was going to go with it.. MAN it was painful.. ever sneeze while swallowing 2 solids and a liquid? If you haven't.. that's cool.. it's nothing I'm writing home about.. wait.. oh nvm.. /sigh.. Anyway.. as soon as I did it hubby looked over and had the best W.. T.. F.. look to his face.. it was classic. We both bursted out laughing so hard it was painful at the same time. I can barely see straight.. I'm covered in water.. HE is covered in water.. heck we are not even sure I managed to actually SWALLOW the pills but he didn't see any projectiles embedded into furniture... or worse.. on him.. it wasn't on me.. it wasn't on the bed.. so I guess I did manage to swallows the stupid pills.

All in all I managed to get some sleep after having muscle spasms in my chest from the freaking out laughing and I think the pills lodged in my chest.. /sigh You had to see it though.. it was like one of those oooooold cartoons of a chicken sneezing and all of it's feathers came off leaving them in a poof of feathers on the ground? Yeah.. couldn't find a picture of that so you have to use your imagination..