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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Insomnia nights

Sorry.. me again.. Still here.. woke up at 4 pm again.. been going to sleep around 6-7 am.. upshot is that I've been making a full breakfast for hubby before I do go to sleep.. mmmm.. eggs.. bacon.. toast or a bagel.. that sort of thing.. Either way.. today was no different.. body things I should be somewhere in Japan is all.. either way.. around midnight tonight I couldn't keep my eyes open.. went to bed.. and bingo back up in 2 hours.. /sigh.. I'm still sick.. headaches.. I must have had a pretty significant one.. I can't focus all that hot all evening as it is.. and it's still there now.. Dunno how long I'll be up.. stay tuned...

In the meantime.. this week I found this funny funny pictures. I usually go to see if anything is going on in the world of Sasuke. You know.. pictures, events.. that sort of thing and I went to the Muscle Park blog when I saw a maintenance warning.. with .. this.. picture.. LMAO Japanese are funny.. Anyone know what the message says? Who's idea was it to place a cat inside of electrical wires? LOL

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Phones.. my rant..

As many of you know.. I'm am totally NOT adverse to talking on the phone.. but lately.. I've been pretty pissed off.. Ya'll already know I've been having issues sleeping.. so it comes to no surprise why this post was added.

I get phone calls.. all.. day.. long.. and I'm not kidding.. it's never the same place twice. Granted it's gone down since I put this phone on the donotcalllist but it takes a while to go into effect.. but seriously.. I'm used to it interrupting my dinner.. (not that it's any better) so by the time 1-2 pm comes.. I'm downright beligerant.

Because I didn't want to miss my hubby's daily calls (I never want to miss his call during lunch) I put the ringer back on and my phone has a distinctive ring with certain numbers I program in. So if it doesn't do that chime.. I won't even look at the caller ID. I don't care who it is..

Homer from The Simpsons

So please forgive my rant.. I'm friggin' tired and I can't stand having my sleep interrupted. My friends email me to see if I'm awake and want to talk. The rest of the world can bite me..

Bender from Futurama

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Friends.. funny email I got today..

I.. love this.. @unknown (well unknown for the rest of the pics :p )
Inspired by another one of Chaki's posts I have been going through my throng of pictures I find on the internet. The top one I got this afternoon from my friend Bob and I LOVED it.. well... it's true.. and it has cats! Ohhh I'm having such a cute attack it's insane..

Oh yeah.. preach it sista..

The next set were all sent by Panther last week to cheer me up and BOY did they ever :D Some I won't post because of the language (even if it's ridiculously hysterical)...

This one I immediately remembered the movie Clueless where the Dad tells his daughter's date "I have a 45 and a shovel.. no one will miss you"..

Okay I thought of snowy.. pure and simple :) Hi Snowy!

Enjoy the friends you have :) And have fun!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dinner... Pollo guisado

My dinner tonight.. Pollo Guisado with White rice and a salad (lettuce and carrots with creamy Italian dressing.. that's all I had in the crisper :p )
I got totally bored and Hubby laughed at me and said "awww honey is doing a food blog.." and just walked away.. Anywho.. he had "customer appreciation day" at work and was fed from the time he got into work to the time he left (he even got an award.. yay go hubby!).. so he was quite full by the time he got home. In the meantime.. I was totally hungry so I decided.. "I'm feeling Rican tonight" .. LOL So I check my freezer and I have a cubic boatload of frozen wings (always have to have it for the hankering of fried wings with Adobo at 2 am... and no I'm not pregnant so shoosh you..). I decide.. hmm.. I have the ingredients for pollo guisado.. so why not? I ask hubby again "you sure you are not hungry.. ".. "no sweetie make whatever you want for dinner.. I'm not going to smell it and get hungry..".. okay.. so since he doesn't particularly like wings (he thinks they are much too much work for the meat involved).. I make a vat of Pollo Guisado. This is a VERY typical Puerto Rican Dish.. the rice can be white or red rice, with beans (I hate beans.. but they usually have red beans with this), with peas.. whatever.. and a variation of this is Chicken and Rice (mixed together but it's a bit tricky and I am missing the banana leaf on top to steam it on.. but I'm digressing aren't I?).. Anywho.. "Pollo" = Chicken.. and "Guisado" means "Stewed".. well... sorta.. it's a style of cooking and the only description I can say is that it's a stew. So Stewed Chicken it is..

Close up of my plate.. and yes I had seconds.. and paid for it.. I'm such a slob..

What's the recipe? Iono.. I do it out of memory and I don't measure crap.. okay okay.. lemme see if I can find a recipe online.. holy crap. how many ways can you do this dish? Okay fine.. here's one Recipe... even has a video.. but WOW do I do it different. First off.. I just throw everything in a pot and walk away for about an hour.. LOL (check out my plate how the meat is falling off the bone.. yeah it's done alright.. no pink meat here..) Heck I even use FROZEN chicken and walk away.. when I buy chicken I break it up into 2 people portions and put them in ziplock bags anyway.. any fat that needs to be cut is done at this stage. This was easy since I was just doing wings so all I did was take it out of the freezer and plop it in the pot. Rice I just used a rice cooker (Long live Bed bath and Beyond.. eville place..).

I've been doing this recipe since I was 4 years old.. seriously.. I don't measure.. the only problem is that I don't have my sister's "sofrito" so I have to use this nasty thing that Goya has (I only use the Recaito).. it's soooo inferior to the real stuff and the balance is all wrong but it's better than using nothing at all.. I totally need to bum some homemade Sofrito from my sister.. As for white rice.. I use medium grain rice (which is typical in a Spanish home.. we don't do long grain or short grain.. it's always medium). Oh and a stupid note.. 80% into the cooking I totally forgot I never added tomato sauce.. what an idiot.. anyway.. tasted fine when I added it back again.. i was wondering why the sauce wasn't "red".. I'm such a dolt sometimes.. well.. all the time.. but I digressing again..

Okay.. end of food blog..