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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Insomnia nights

Sorry.. me again.. Still here.. woke up at 4 pm again.. been going to sleep around 6-7 am.. upshot is that I've been making a full breakfast for hubby before I do go to sleep.. mmmm.. eggs.. bacon.. toast or a bagel.. that sort of thing.. Either way.. today was no different.. body things I should be somewhere in Japan is all.. either way.. around midnight tonight I couldn't keep my eyes open.. went to bed.. and bingo back up in 2 hours.. /sigh.. I'm still sick.. headaches.. I must have had a pretty significant one.. I can't focus all that hot all evening as it is.. and it's still there now.. Dunno how long I'll be up.. stay tuned...

In the meantime.. this week I found this funny funny pictures. I usually go to see if anything is going on in the world of Sasuke. You know.. pictures, events.. that sort of thing and I went to the Muscle Park blog when I saw a maintenance warning.. with .. this.. picture.. LMAO Japanese are funny.. Anyone know what the message says? Who's idea was it to place a cat inside of electrical wires? LOL


Jeannie said...

I know you like to research these things. You may even know what this is once I type it in Romaji:

Mente Ganbatte masu

P.S. Sorry about your headache. I too was up all night and woke up with a headache. It's nearly the same thing what you must be going through though.

Arsenette said...

I know one word.. brain so not working right now LOL .. In my insomnia I did a blog on Sasuke .. took me a few hours so now it's melted again.. LOL

Actually going to sleep again since my body is so tired.. thanks for the well wishes though :D Just sucks that we are going through a cycle again.. meh.. glad to know I wasn't the only one up LOL!! Get some sleep!

Jeannie said...

Did you ever figure it out? If not, I'll post it here.

snowy said...

Awww, I'm sorry. Poor kitten looks like she's not only trapped with a bunch of electrical wires, but she's also stuck in a pair of tighty-whities.

Jeannie said...

"It's nearly the same thing..."

You know, I meant to type, "It's not nearly the same thing...". Shows you how I was feeling that day!

P.S. "Mente" means "maintenance".