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Monday, December 1, 2008

Favorite songs.. lately..

Always inspired by Mister Mike's blog I've been "researching" more stuff in You Tube. I came across more old favorites. Here's a few :) Note.. as usual.. ignore the videos :p

Chaka Khan - "Ain't Nobody"

Sarah McLachlan - "Possession" (Mirrorball mix)

Roxette - "Do you get excited"

Mister Mister - "Broken Wings"


Jeannie said...

Hey there! I'm half-way done with my two weeks of pure work. Fortunately I am able to squeeze in a few minute of computer time this evening after class.

Mike and I saw Chaka Khan several years ago. Did she ever put on a good show! Her song is my favorite pick from your list.

Arsenette said...

Oh never had the pleasure of seeing her live. I totally love "funk" and this song is right up my alley :) Glad you enjoyed it! Hope the holiday season goes well for you and wish I had your weather! LOL

Mr. Mike said...

Chaka-Chaka Khan. Great song "Ain't Nobody", I even put it on a work CD to be played before a meeting once. Sarah McLachlan and Roxette are very pleasant. Mr. Mister are Awesome 80's all the way! Nice choice of songs!

Arsenette said...

Great now I have "Chaka.. Chaka.. " stuck in my head from "I feel for you"..

My list on my MP3 player on the computer is growing.. I've been going to torrents lately and downloading compilations and finding songs I totally forgot about. So far I've gotten 3 versions of Top 80' and 90's songs and that's only started the avalanche. What's funny is that I actually own most of the songs.. they are just.. in .. cassette..

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Chaka Khan is da bomb! I LOVE her! I always kinda liked Mr. Mister too. Great songs.