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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DnD DAY Baby!!

The start of the D&D DAY!
Okay time to go uber geek on you! Okay.. To be perfectly honest.. I haven't played a full D&D game since like.. oh.. 6th Grade.. I tried a couple years ago over a friends house but they were very advanced in how they played and instead of a group going after monster.. I had a guy role playing his Rogue as a total chaotic evil thief and he kept trying to kill me the whole time.. I.. didn't like playing that way.. so to my surprise my best friend from Delaware says "hey you want to play?".. Hubby wanted to but he's not going to DM.. but she wanted to so we just said oh what the heck LOL.. Besides.. it's been a while since we've seen each other and this is just a good excuse as any to meet! Besides.. she promised Munchies! And hubby promised his homemade pizza!

As you can see the spread got bigger..

I'm cross referencing this blog with the What's cooking blog so I'll go over what we ate there. :) Either way the food was excellent and we munched on it for about.. hm.. 12 hours? LMAO!!!!!! Either way we had a great time! All of us were at least Lawful Neutral or Lawful Good so no more backstabbing thieves to worry about..

I was on the left.. Hubby to my left.. to his left friend fiance and bottom DM position was my friend from Delaware :) Have you see so many die in your life?? That was just her set! (Hubby had his)

Anywho we had a great time.. so much so we are going to make this a habit. We were all trying out Rules version 4.0 for the first time and so far looks like fun! Hubby did 2.5 and friend did 3.5 and there are stark differences but overall we liked it!

We didn't have miniatures for our characters so I cracked out our figurines.. they were collecting dust in our library anyway :p

Since we were just toying with playing we didn't bother going out to get new miniatures of our characters (I wasn't sure what I was going to play yet..) so we just used these things.. aren't they cute?? Hubby was a Paladin (tank) so he played Taz.. Wizzy was Marvin, I was Garfield with the teddy bear (I'm a healer) and friend was the other Garfield with the graduation cap.. We didn't play the 3rd Garfield with the dual forks LOL. If all goes well we should be doing this very often. Maybe even twice a month.


chaki said...

Love the figures!!! I want the Garfield with the utensils!!! But wow, the dice. That's scary territory. I can't even begin to imagine. Your friend's husband is lucky. She plays D&D and she cooks like that!!

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

The dice are pretty colors. :) That's about all I can say about D&D. Sorry. The food looks terrific tho. Fixing to jump to the food blog and check it out over there. Hugs!
Oh! And I think it's great that you and your friends are starting a visit tradition.

Arsenette said...

Yeah the visit tradition is something I enjoy the most :) I mean I am a geek and I'm still getting "re" used to D&D again but it's really about goofing around having fun. I mean we didn't have a clock around (or should I say paying attention to it) and after all the laughing and stories that had nothing to do with the game one of us saw the clock and went "OMG.. It's 1 am!!!!!!!"

Chaki I ADORE the figurines! Most are hubby's.. I think we have like 30 total of different things. Garfield alone has like 10! Yes the forks is my favorite :)

Mr. Mike said...

I haven't played a RPG since high school, that's great you found people to play that are interested in fun with the game versus winning or building points. Will Marvin the Martian go on a quest to find the eludium p36 explosive space modulator?

Arsenette said...

LOL we still have to get miniatures for the game.. we'll deal with that later :) Teheheheh I love Marvin.. :p

Anonymous said...

nice pics of you & hubby :)