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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Friends.. funny email I got today..

I.. love this.. @unknown (well unknown for the rest of the pics :p )
Inspired by another one of Chaki's posts I have been going through my throng of pictures I find on the internet. The top one I got this afternoon from my friend Bob and I LOVED it.. well... it's true.. and it has cats! Ohhh I'm having such a cute attack it's insane..

Oh yeah.. preach it sista..

The next set were all sent by Panther last week to cheer me up and BOY did they ever :D Some I won't post because of the language (even if it's ridiculously hysterical)...

This one I immediately remembered the movie Clueless where the Dad tells his daughter's date "I have a 45 and a shovel.. no one will miss you"..

Okay I thought of snowy.. pure and simple :) Hi Snowy!

Enjoy the friends you have :) And have fun!


Jeannie said...

The kitty picture is so cute. And the last one, about the pee pee- that was so funny!

Arsenette said...

Teehehhe yeah :) I almost had a heartattack of uber cuteness when I got my mail today and saw those cats in a sink :) I had to blog LOL

snowy said...

Oh look--kitties~! Hmmmm, my feeble attempts at humor result in the production of bodily fluids. Sweeet.

Arsenette said...

LOL I was thinking of you snowy when I saw the last one :) I'm trying to remember the exact wording but I remember you sending me something like that a little while ago :) Hey and bodily functions can be funny when it's a result from laughing histerically from someone's joke.

snowy said...

I think I remember: "the more you cry, the less you have to pee."
Or something...

Anna said...

The last one is so true! I won't say how I know. :P

Diary of an Eccentric

chaki said...

Me want a kitty... attack!

Arsenette said...

Ah snowy I think that's what it was :) theheheheh

Hey Anna :D And yes it's waaaaay too true for words.. I'm sure everyone has had some version of that happening.. at least once... some more..

Hey Chaki :) And yes the cats are just waaaaaaaaaaay cute.. (I love the cat in the back in the whole "I'm sooooo comfortable I can sleep" mode)