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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Dinner... Pollo guisado

My dinner tonight.. Pollo Guisado with White rice and a salad (lettuce and carrots with creamy Italian dressing.. that's all I had in the crisper :p )
I got totally bored and Hubby laughed at me and said "awww honey is doing a food blog.." and just walked away.. Anywho.. he had "customer appreciation day" at work and was fed from the time he got into work to the time he left (he even got an award.. yay go hubby!).. so he was quite full by the time he got home. In the meantime.. I was totally hungry so I decided.. "I'm feeling Rican tonight" .. LOL So I check my freezer and I have a cubic boatload of frozen wings (always have to have it for the hankering of fried wings with Adobo at 2 am... and no I'm not pregnant so shoosh you..). I decide.. hmm.. I have the ingredients for pollo guisado.. so why not? I ask hubby again "you sure you are not hungry.. ".. "no sweetie make whatever you want for dinner.. I'm not going to smell it and get hungry..".. okay.. so since he doesn't particularly like wings (he thinks they are much too much work for the meat involved).. I make a vat of Pollo Guisado. This is a VERY typical Puerto Rican Dish.. the rice can be white or red rice, with beans (I hate beans.. but they usually have red beans with this), with peas.. whatever.. and a variation of this is Chicken and Rice (mixed together but it's a bit tricky and I am missing the banana leaf on top to steam it on.. but I'm digressing aren't I?).. Anywho.. "Pollo" = Chicken.. and "Guisado" means "Stewed".. well... sorta.. it's a style of cooking and the only description I can say is that it's a stew. So Stewed Chicken it is..

Close up of my plate.. and yes I had seconds.. and paid for it.. I'm such a slob..

What's the recipe? Iono.. I do it out of memory and I don't measure crap.. okay okay.. lemme see if I can find a recipe online.. holy crap. how many ways can you do this dish? Okay fine.. here's one Recipe... even has a video.. but WOW do I do it different. First off.. I just throw everything in a pot and walk away for about an hour.. LOL (check out my plate how the meat is falling off the bone.. yeah it's done alright.. no pink meat here..) Heck I even use FROZEN chicken and walk away.. when I buy chicken I break it up into 2 people portions and put them in ziplock bags anyway.. any fat that needs to be cut is done at this stage. This was easy since I was just doing wings so all I did was take it out of the freezer and plop it in the pot. Rice I just used a rice cooker (Long live Bed bath and Beyond.. eville place..).

I've been doing this recipe since I was 4 years old.. seriously.. I don't measure.. the only problem is that I don't have my sister's "sofrito" so I have to use this nasty thing that Goya has (I only use the Recaito).. it's soooo inferior to the real stuff and the balance is all wrong but it's better than using nothing at all.. I totally need to bum some homemade Sofrito from my sister.. As for white rice.. I use medium grain rice (which is typical in a Spanish home.. we don't do long grain or short grain.. it's always medium). Oh and a stupid note.. 80% into the cooking I totally forgot I never added tomato sauce.. what an idiot.. anyway.. tasted fine when I added it back again.. i was wondering why the sauce wasn't "red".. I'm such a dolt sometimes.. well.. all the time.. but I digressing again..

Okay.. end of food blog..


snowy said...

OMG, you must be psychic! I was just re-reading Nagano's Coming to America thread, and had just gotten to the part about how he eats. The pollo guisado sounds really good, but I'm with hubby about wings. I guess it'd work with any bone-in chicken part, right? I had turkey cutlets with a lime-ginger butter. It was better in concept than execution. I'll dump some teriyaki sauce on the leftovers--that'll fix it.

Jeannie said...

I have eaten Pollo Guisado and it is quite tasty. Yours looks especially good.

P.S. Again Blogger is being humorous- my verification word is "pounds", as in, "I will eat all of your Pollo Guisado and gain a few pounds." :D

chaki said...

Just want I need, another recipe where I can't find the ingredients for. Love to try making homemade sofrito one day. It would go with everything.

Made a Philly Cheesesteak yesterday. A little too salty but good enough. Gonna try Jeannie's teriyaki pork tonight. Kids want teriyaki everything. Wish me luck. Half will be lemon pork medallions (they don't have veal here).

Arsenette said...

Tehehehhehehe :) Snowy definately works much better with any boned chicken (otherwise the meat will get really dry). Heck I have done that with Turkey legs too.. nothing dry about those :) And yeah I wonder if Nagano would like Puerto Rican cooking.. it's not raw fish I can tell you that.

Hey Jeannie LMAO that's awesome about the word verification! I've had crazy stuff like that before.. I had "mucus" once.. and was going .. ew... Glad you liked the dish! It's a strong taste and many find it an adquired taste. I just find it natural and when I think of "comfort food" I have this and fried plaintains right next to it..

My sofrito has a couple other things that I believe are only native to Carribean countries.. going to find it in the wiki..

Ajicitos (under vegetables) but I call them Ajies dulces (dulce meaning candy or sweet).

and under Herbs:

Recao (or Culantro). That stuff is to die for..

I used to hand pick both the ajies and the racao from my aunt's back yard every day when I went to cook. Now unless I went into an ethnic market or a supermarket in a strong spanish speaking area I can't find this stuff. So yeah I have to bum it off my sister who has access to this stuff and makes it in batches and freezes them.

Aww Chaki sorry you don't have half the stuff over there.. omg I'd die if I can't get this stuf.. I'd be importing all the time if I lived in Japan!

Mmm.. cheesesteaks.. oh Good luck on the pork! That recipe looked very yummy :D

tricia said...

Adding to recipe file..... Chicken thighs work in this?

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Oh yummy!!!! I can practically smell it thru the computer screen. My mouth is watering.

I made chicken and dumplings for supper last night. Your meal sounds lots better. :)

Arsenette said...

Hey Tricia :) Yeah Chicken thighs are perfect :) Hubby loves those when I do this dish with other pieces of meat. I do the split breasts also (In the past I've done a while chicken cut in pieces so everyone gets a piece they like.. except my aunt.. she was crass enough to go around everyone's plate to find the piece she wanted.. which was the split breast.. /sigh..).. These days I pick pieces already cut up (like thighs, drum sticks and wings and add split breast) rather than getting a while chicken since I no longer have anyone to eat the parts I don't like.. like the heart and liver.. that was quickly taken by my sisters... yuck..

Hey SKW! I've had a bear of a time finding a recipe (in English...) that is the way I do it at home.. I guess it all works the same I tell you one thing though.. that link I put to wikipedia has a great sofrito recipe that's EXACTLY like what I used growing up rather than the ones I find online in these cooking shows.

mmmm.. chicken dumplings...

Anna said...

This looks like a delicious meal! I've got to stop reading these food posts when I'm hungry and still have an hour til lunch.

Diary of an Eccentric

Arsenette said...

Aahahahahahah :) I do that before lunch sometimes to get ideas! But yeah that can be aproblem when you know what you are going to eat but have to wait an hour...

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Hey chaki, you should try this seasoning too:
Mojo Cubano
Recipe by Jane Cossio, Cuban Home Cooking, 1996, Seaside Publishing

3 tb Spanish olive oil heated
2 tb finely chopped onion
2 crushed garlic cloves ( crushed in the mortar or in a garlic press)
1/2 tsp ground oregano
1/4 tsp ground cumin
2 bay leaves crushed
pinch of ground pepper
1/8 tsp salt
2 tb sour orange or lime juice
2 tb water
1 tb Sherry wine (I use Dry Sack)
1/2 tsp vinegar

Mix the onion & garlic, along with the spices, salt & pepper in a bowl, and then, add to a pan with the heated olive oil. Cook just until onion becomes translucent. Add the juice, water, wine (jerez), and vinegar & simmer about 5 minutes. Allow to cool slightly before serving. Yields 1/2 cup.

Do you use anything like that, Elsie. I love this stuff. I used to help my neighbor in FL make it. She had like 3-4 sour orange trees and a lime tree in her yard. I would help her pick them and then we'd make huge batches of this stuff. The stuff you can buy in the store doesn't taste anything like the homemade stuff. It's so good.

Arsenette said...

Cuban and Puerto Rican cooking are very similar and quite franky the closest in terms of taste. I can eat at a Cuban restaurant and it can pass for Puerto Rican and vice versa :) I've used this on a few things.. like Chicken breast, steak (usually skirt steak or something equally as thin) and different kinds of fish :) It's a great sauce :D And you know me.. I'm all about the sauce :D

My aunt had a mutant grapefruit tree (not good for this though.. it's too bitter) and it was planted as a joke. My aunt's back yard is so dang fertile my uncle would throw seeds out after eating his fruit right on his backyard (over the balcony LOL) and sure enough trees would pop out of nowhere.. Well he did a grapefruit and that sucker was so fruitful it didn't spawn any leaves!!! It wsa just.. fruit.. so much fruit that just about every inch in every direction would be another fruit.. People would stop by to see it.. and help eat the fruit.. finally he had enough because so many would go bad.. he chopped it down.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

My sister had a grapefruit tree like that. No leaves, just blooms, then fruit. It was so weird looking. Unfortunately, all her fruit trees got drowned during the hurricans a few years back. She only has one now. It was in the front yard, which didn't flood, but her entire backyard was under water for weeks and weeks. :(

Arsenette said...

LOL might have been a blessing in disguise.. I hate wasting things.. so the idea that so much fruit went to waste because of the sheer volume.. I'd rather just have 1 tree or none at all than see all that fruit rot.. That said.. I hate grapefruit LOL