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Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Music

Always inspired by Mister Mike's blog I've been "researching" stuff in You Tube. Half the time it comes from other people's blogs (there's a bunch of good music I've never heard of!) and I came across my old favorites. Here's a few :) Note.. most of these songs I ignore videos :p

Roxette - "I wish I could fly"

Roxette - "Crash! Boom! Bang!"

Sheena Easton - "Wind beneath my wings" (My favorite version of this song!)

Taylor Dayne - "I'll be your shelter"

Oleta Adams - "Get Here"

And because I actually listen to men sing too :p

Jose Feliciano - "Sunny"


Jeannie said...

I got kind of burned out on "Get Here" after I heard butchered versions of it about a billion times on American Idol. But I do still enjoy Taylor Dayne. I have always appreciated her uniqueness.

Arsenette said...

I think I'm blessed with never watching American Idol. I remember watching a few years back and I can't for the life of me remember what song it was.. but it was a FAVORITE song of mine and that person destroyed it for me.. so I just stopped watching! LOL

Mr. Mike said...

Nice list of songs, I didn't know Roxette did anything after Joyride so that was pleasant. And I'm a fan of Sheena Easton's voice, she always sounds great on ballads. I remember when she went R&B, one critic said it "was like using a Ferrari to plow through snow." I like the new blog!

Arsenette said...

Aahahahahhahahahah (about Sheena Easton).. Glad you enjoyed it :) I still read yours when I can! Now that Sasuke is back in hibernation I can breathe again! I'm in a Taylor Dayne kick again after doing this blog..

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

Love Jose, Taylor Dayne, and some Roxette. I enjoyed their sound. Great blog, Elsie. Before long Mr. and Mrs. Mike will have all of us making lists. :)