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Saturday, May 30, 2009

12 years and counting...

Tomorrow is our 12 year wedding anniversary.. wow.. time flies.. I actually sat down and took note of everything we've ever gone through.. from me being sick.. to him being out of work for over a year.. to us losing our place to live.. to gaining another back.. a job promotion.. and most of all.. we are still together and still in love. We still play games and goof around.. and we still look at each other saying "wow.. this is crazy.. you still want to stay with me"..

I think that is what shocks me the most.. someone still wants to stay with me. I think I'll never get used to it. I'm perfectly happy with staying with someone.. especially if it's hubby.. but .. ya'll know me.. I mean.. who would want to stay with me? I can almost hear him say "shuddap..." and go on about some nonsense about how horrible he really is.. and how fat he is.. and who on Earth would marry him.. then I'd have to go over and clobber him.. I mean.. I'd do it anyway.. but why provoke the attack? LOL

It's scary when I come to think that I currently hold the record in my family.. My parents only lasted 17 years and that was just a number.. trust me.. it was over before it started.. the current ongoing record is mine. Mom's still divorced (still crossing fingers on whether this new one is Mister Right..), Dad's still divorced and constantly complaining about his girlfriend.. though.. he never really did married though she's been around for a long time now.. My oldest sister is still divorced, my middle sister is married but got married 3 years after me (though I'm happy to say she is still happily married :D ). And even my nephews - none are married and one has a boy but already broke up with his girlfriend. Not like my husband's family.. in fact my inlaws are over the 40 year mark (yay) and still going strong.

In this day and age I kinda feel sad for those who attack the institution of marriage (trust me this won't get political.. ) because I AM one of the lucky ones that got it right the first time. Lord knows I'm surrounded by the unfortunate ones.. kinda makes me feel guilty.. but happy at least that it DOES work with some people. Even recent friends whom I've met through the internet.. it excites me when I hear of wedding anniversaries and that things are going well with the relationship (even if anything else around isn't going so hot (job, health, finances, etc.)). Lord knows I know a weeee bit about that..

Overall I'm ecstatic. I genuinely feel this guy is staying for me until we both get old and goofy.. wait.. we are already there.. /sigh. I mean for starters we got anniversary presents.. in game.. we got ourselves wedding gear for our in game characters.. you don't get geekier than that.. (LOL I should take a picture of it.. (eta.. I added it below) Anyway.. it's on Sunday.. he doesn't have to work and we aren't doing anything with anyone else so it's our weekend :D Having already spent any money we had on regular life stuff we don't get each other presents. Lord knows we totally spoil each other every other day of the year.. trust me on this.. LOL!! Still.. it's nice to know when I wake up in the morning there is a guy waiting for me to wake up just so he can say he loves me. That still makes me cry thinking of it.. I have done nothing to deserve it and by all rights he should have left me.. but he's still here and I'm ecstatic.

P.S. I took pics - granted they are only the tops of the wedding wear.. but he got me the top when I got him his :D


snowy said...

Aww, you made me cry. Happy Anniversary with many more years together. With two sisters who've been married five times between 'em, its good to read about lasting marriages in our generation.

Arsenette said...

Awww.. (P.S. I added the game picture :p ). It is amazing that marriages don't last as much these days.. kinda depressing..

chaki said...

LOVE the game character photos. Love the red hair on Don's character.... You and Don must have had riots doing it. LOVE the cartoon too. "Someone is wrong on the Internet..." Hilarious!

Hope you had a great day together.

Arsenette said...

LOL you know me by now :) That cartoon on the Internet .. yeah... I've gotten in trouble because of that :D

We had a nice quiet day :) Went to his parents for dinner (their anniversary was the day after so we usually spend sometime together).

Yeah :) I'm going to get him the pants to the set soon :) Just have to make up the money :p But yes I love his character :) Imposing and red hair :) We both were wearing shades :p Had to add the cool factor :p If you noticed.. he's a samurai.. gotta love the great Katana added to the armor :p

Anna said...

Happy anniversary! Thanks for sharing your story. Hubby and I will be married for 10 years in Sept. We've had our ups and downs, but we're still happy. You two sound like such a cute couple!

Diary of an Eccentric

Arsenette said...

Hey Anna :D Thanks for the comment :D And early congratulations!

SuperNOVA MANIAC said...


happy anniversary!!! :) 12 years? thats surprising long for modern days i think... heh. that means... uh... :D?

oh btw, how are you doing?

Arsenette said...

Disturbing that it's considered long though I'm happy to be in that company :) My Inlaws are at 41 years :p I plan to follow in THOSE Footsteps.

I'm hanging in.. healthwise it's been hellish but still hanging in :)

Thanks for the well wishes!