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Monday, September 29, 2008

Five Of My Current Addictions

Jeannie, at her blog, "I like to be here when I can", passed the torch along to me and asked me to share five of my current addictions. I'm having a problem ranking them....

I couldn't find one for Perfectionism.. but .. I want a picture for each.. so this will have to do :p

1. Perfectionism.. - I know this sounds strange.. but everything is tied to this OCD problem of mine. If I do anything it has to be correct.. as complete as possible... and as efficient as possible. I fail miserably in all accounts .. but I still do this. Like this blog.. I can't type a page with no pictures or references.. it's.. just.. not.. possible.. I procrastinate like crazy.. but I am still mulling over in my head as to how I can finish something.. and if I got the links to back it up.. seriously.. it's my number one.. which leads me to...

    My 3 favorite - Akiyama (#1), Nagano (#2) and Takeda (#3)

2. Sasuke - there's a shock... my first blog turned into an orgy of all things Sasuke.. why? Because I had to verify everything.. and that of course turned into a while rabbit in the hole thing.. I had to keep going deeper and deeper and deeper to get everything I could out of it.. then I felt obligated to keep going since so many people counted on what I wrote...

    Tenchi Muyo picture.. but it's a bunch of friends..

3. Friend's blogs and Emailing friends - one MAJOR positive out of all of this perfectionism over Sasuke.. was meeting friends. I live a very sheltered life now here in Jersey. It's just me and hubby and this apartment. Finding people with similar interests only opened the door to finding truly awesome human beings. Being there as much as I can for them as they are for me is extremely important. So important that 99% of the time I check to see if they are awake so we can keep chatting. Lord knows a few of us have stayed up to 4 am talking about anything to keep each other company :) And believe it or not Jeannie.. it has nothing to do with Sasuke :D

Addiction number 4.. Final Fantasy XI (p.s. I raised my riding chocobo from a baby... oh... and yes.. my character is a "Mithra" - Cat girl)

4. Final Fantasy XI - Back in 2003 I beta'd this game with my husband. It was released and 3 years of my life passed away. I quit and came back with hubby 3 years later (back in April this year). It's nice to be back.. learning how to play a game in small doses and not obsessing in my life (remember.. I'm also a game completist... if there is a box with nothing in it.. in a tower really far away and hard to get to.. I .. wants.. it.. precious....) so .. imagine an MMORPG? Oy.. knowing what I'm getting myself into these days.. has helped me out with my perfectionist habit.. and the fact that Hubby has his own account now so I don't feel compelled to get as much done quickly since I had to share computers back then :)

    I'm.. Osaka.. as disturbing of a reality as it is.. I'm turning into Osaka.. that's.. distressing..

5. Anime - I may not be the most versed out there.. but I LOVE Anime.. Fruits Basket, Azumanga Daioh, Tenchi, just about anything from Hayao Miyazaki, Witch Hunter Robin, the list goes on and on. I practice Japanese by watching it in Japanese with English subtitles. Much prefer it that way over dub (except for a couple series where the production value was spectacular! Like Kiki's Delivery service - Phil Hartman rocked as Jiji)

Okay the list stops here :D I got more.. but .. well.. you know.. I'm being a OCD again...


Jeannie said...

Yes, yes, I take the blame. Actually, I'm glad to do it. It's finally nice to know more about you.

Perfectionism is something I strive for as well with a great many things. I do so with school and with my personal health. But as time goes by and I get older, I find I no longer have the strength or ability to try to be perfect with everything. Letting go has been hard. I'm working on perfecting that as well. :D

Thanks for your post, Elsie.

Arsenette said...

Quite welcome :) I had Sasuke first but.. I started to figure out the motivation for doing as much as I do.. then I had to move that to 2nd once I found out :p It's a blessing and a curse simultaneously.. it can take over to the point of obsession and that's not good >.<