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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Virtual Trip - Iriomote Island

My inspiration for this trip: Azumanga Daioh - Episode 21

Doing a complete 180° from my last post.. I wanted to share with you a dream trip of mine.. Everyone knows.. I .. love.. cats.. and if you didn't.. you know now :D Mixing Anime and my love for cats.. I refer to one my favorite Episodes in the Anime named Azumanga Daioh.. the episode the girls go to the Okinawa Prefecture and take a side trip to Iriomote Island... where??

Did I explain how much I love Google Maps?

If I was ever to go to Japan (yeah.. right after I rob a bank.. anyone know of a Brinks truck that's dropping their payload and leaving it behind? LOL j/k.. but you know what I mean..) I want to go here.. but.. of course.. It's sssssoooooooo far from the mainland.. I mean.. it's closer to Taiwan and Hong Kong than it is Japan! That big blob of land on the left? That's CHINA!! and that weeeeeeeeeeeee bit of island on the top right? That's Japan.. Look at it.. there's Kagoshima (where Nagano works out of) and Miyazaki City (near his hometown).. it' so far away! No wonder it was a treat for the girls to go there!

Iriomote Island is the Island in the middle of the Yaeyama Island Chain... the southern most islands of Japan (Okinawa Prefecture)

Anyway.. I'm totally getting into this.. Anyway the girls go on a school trip Okinawa and then take a side trip to Iriomote Island. Sakaki in particular is looking forward to maybe catching a glimpse of the rare Iriomote cat the locals call Yamamayaa ("mountain cat") or Yamapikaryaa ("mountain sparkling-eyed") or Pingiimayaa ("escaped cat") (or Osaka screws up and calls it Pikanyaa)...

This is Sakaki (I wish I was that cool.. the only thing I share with her is the love for cats and my long hair.. that's it folks.. /sigh.. Oh.. and maybe boob size.. digressing..)

Anyway the trip (checking YouTube video I made).. Take a walk from Ōhara (大原) Harbor.. go to the Iriomote Wildlife Center.. go all the way around.. Get on a tour boat.. go down the Urauchi River (浦内川 Urauchigawa) and see the Mariyudu Waterfalls (マリユドゥの滝 Mariyudu-no-taki) after that we buy suveniers in Uehara (上原) and go home :D

Have NO idea where I got this from.. but me wants it precious.. I want Sakaki and Yomi dolls :D Getting cute attack from that Neco Coneco doll/thing..

Did I explain how I get distracted so easily? Ehem.. moving along.. nothing to see here.. (cough.. I want one.. cough)..

Mariyudu waterfall on Urauchi River, Iriomote, Japan, April 15, 2005 ©jpatokal from WikiTravel

The Mariyudo waterfall, Iriomote, Okinawa.. digital photo on 5th April 2007 ©Geomr from Wiki

Anyway that's it :) I want to meet my own cat and go to this totally cool lookin' island :) So.. any takers? Looks like a great way to spend a day in Japan don'tcha think?


tricia said...

The pictures are wonderful. Waiting for the lottery to pan out so I can travel. Until then, will live through friends and the travel channel.

Arsenette said...

LOL "Intellectual people invest.. rednecks play the LOTTERY".. get me a couple tickets... LOL but of course.. in order to WIN the lottery.. I have to enter it.. Yep.. Ricans do lottery.. but I'm ignoring the gene...

Jeannie said...

Mike's aunt and uncle had the privilege of seeing Mariyudo waterfall. This was probably back in the early 1960's. I should ask if they have any pictures. If they do, I'll scan them and email them to you.

Marge said...

Like Tricia, I'm also waiting for my ship to come in via the winning lottery ticket. If by some remote chance, my winning numbers are the only ones in the spinning drum, I would definitely love to make that virtual trip a reality one. Sounds so cool. Until that happens, I travel only through Anthony Bourdain's eyes.

Arsenette said...

oooooooooh pictures of the waterfall from the 1960's? Yes definately if you can :) I love seeing the changes in landscape during that time.. that's when my Geology/Geography geek comes out :D

Arsenette said...

Anthony Bourdain.. Anthony Bourdain.. OOOOOOH Anthony Bourdain! I only know him as the traveling Chef.. ooooooh nice eyes to go through :D

snowy said...

Lovely place--hope you get to go someday. Lots of places I'd like to go, but not until Mama Snowy goes on the big vacation with Papa Snowy:)

Arsenette said...

Heck.. going to need more than just time.. even if I sell everything I own LOL..