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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy Cows come from Japan.. or China.. which is it? LMAO

Happy Cow!

All ya'll know my fascination with Anime, Japan and all things related in between.. so it was needless to say when I found out this year was the year of the Ox (or Cow) in the Chinese Zodiac.. I started to think of one of my favorite Anime's.. Fruits Basket!

Fruits Basket DVD cover - Hatsaharu Sohma

Immediately I thought of Haru!! Hatsuharu Sohma (草摩 溌春, Sōma Hatsuharu) who plays the character cursed by the spirit of the Ox of the Chinese Zodiac.

Haru's usual wear.. black leather chaps.. LOL

Again.. the only reason I knew what year it was .. it was because of learning much from my dear friend in Japan - Carol who blogged about the year of the Ox on her blog :) And.. an awesome blog writer I adore.. wrote a certain piece on cows as well :D (LMAO Ube I'm still laughing on the burger...)


I .. love.. Ube.. that's all I have to say :)

Ehem.. anyway .. there are 12 animals of the zodiac.. and no.. there is no cat in the Chinese Zodiac.. /cries.. I'm such a fan of the cat.. I'm part of the fanclub.. honestly :D

Story of the animals going to the banquet from the Chinese Zodiac

Knowing also that the past year was year or the rat I immediately remembered part of the order of animals because of the beginning of the anime where Tohru's mom in the story recounted the story of the animals.

Hatsuharu Sohma of Fruits Basket

Even if it was part of an anime I thought it was cute I even had some sort of a clue as to animals that are a part of the New Years in East Asia :) I think it started in China and ended up spreading .. but I can't stop thinking of Japanese New Year when I think of Fruits Basket and year of the cow :)

.. shudders.. Elsie.. the cow..

P.S... I probably shouldn't be showing you this... but.. There is an Elsie.. the cow.. Blame Borden's Cheese.. omg.. I hated growing up with my nickname.. I mean I swear.. I didn't look like a cow.. wait.. there was that time when I was 17.. oy.. scrubs brain... I hate my cousins.. I hate my cousins.. okay.. happy thoughts.. happy thoughts..

Happy New Year :)


chaki said...

LOL I know that cow, just didn't know she had a name, your name! LOL
It should be a good, stable year for everyone. More laughs in 2009

tricia said...

Grew up with Borden's Elsie the cow and some that we weren't allowed to name because we they didn't want us to become close to because.....well we didn't name the chickens either. Only the dogs and horses.

Happy 2009 everyone.

Some Kinda Wonderful said...

I know that Cow! Knew her name, too. Southern thing? We named the chickens, tricia. The rabbits too. The rooster was named Godzilla, I swear it! He had spurs at least 4 inches long. Hated that bast... nevermind. Eating well is the best revenge...

Arsenette said...

ROFL guy :) EVERYONE knows Elsie the Cow.. (I think my generation was the last that really knew her well.. these days most kids are not that observant..).. My cousins would buy Borden's cheese and save the wrappers.. even with kids at school my cousin Mari would ask the kids to save the wrappers and bring them to her.. then for my birthday she gave me like 40 wrappers and sang some made up song about Elsie the cow.. my younger cousin tried to milk me.. I hit him so hard I think he ended up in last week.. for once I hurt a guy.. anyway.. LOL NOW I can joke about it.. still emotionally scarred /cry..

We named all animals.. lizards, cats, dogs, fish (even everyone else's since we didn't have any..) and even insects.. My sister particularly was into spiders.. Anyway.. SKW I'm laughing at your Godzilla for dinner :D I HATED Roosters.. in Puerto Rico they didn't "cockadoodle doo..".. No sirree.. they sounded like a 5 year old child being murdered.. it was the most GOD-AWFUL sound.. we never ate him though.. bastard was the only one in the chicken coup in my cousin's house.. so he was spared.. his wives though were quite yummy..